Understanding: About the District


The Uintah Transportation Special Service District (District) was created in 1988 to construct, maintain, and repair roads within its boundaries. The District boundaries include all of Uintah County, except for the incorporated cities and towns of Vernal, Naples, and Ballard. The District operates under the jurisdiction of the State of Utah and Uintah County.


The Uintah Transportation Special Service District is a political subdivision of the State of Utah and Uintah County. It was created on November 21, 1988 by the Uintah County Commission and State of Utah under Section 17A of the Utah State Code. The District remains under the jurisdiction of the State of Utah and Uintah County.

The District is governed by an Administrative Control Board. There are five Board Members who represent the geographical boundaries of the District. They make application to the Uintah County Commission according to all legal requirements. They are then appointed by the consensus of the County Commission for a four-year term.

The District is primarily a transportation District within Uintah County. The District is funded with Mineral Lease Monies, not tax dollars. These monies are 25% that is returned to Utah State from the Bureau of Land Management from the leases that are procured by the Oil, Gas and Mineral Companies that do business in Uintah County.

Mission and Purpose

The Uintah Transportation Special Service District was organized as a transportation agency to facilitate and develop the transportation system in the Uintah County boundaries, on a cost basis, fairly priced and procured, and in safe, environmentally sensitive manner.

The District develops and maintains positive and effective relationships with its constituents, governments and regulatory entities in acquiring and protecting transportation services. The District is cooperatively developing projects with other entities to meet the transportation needs of the District's service area.

The District leads in the development of transportation policy, the dissemination of transportation related information, the acquisition of technology, and the promotion of wise and safe transportation use.

Goals and Objectives

The primary goal of the Uintah Transportation Special Service District (District) is to facilitate transportation projects with Uintah County, Vernal, Naples and Ballard cities. Funding comes from Mineral Lease Payments and is applied to prioritized transportation projects within Uintah County. The District also manages the Vernal Regional Airport. The District has five employees and manages $40 to $60 million in projects annually.

The District has an annual program for asphalt management to repair existing local roadways. This program includes chip seals, seal coating and crack sealing of 200 miles per year.

In addition to maintaining roads, new roads are built. Our flagship project is Seep Ridge Road. The cost was $86 million; however, we have seen approximately $500 million in economic development with new businesses including Red Leaf Resources and US Oil Sands.

Uintah County oversees the Uintah Transportation Special Service District and has a five-person board. Adam Massey is the Executive Director for the District.

Contact Us

Uintah Transportation
Special Services District

320 North Aggie Blvd., Suite 138R
Vernal, Utah, 84078
Phone: 435-789-4636 | Fax: 435-789-3125

Board of Directors


Dan Dilsaver, Board Chairman
Robert Leake, Treasurer
Gale Rasmussen, Board Member
Senator Kevin VanTassell, Board Member
Brad Horrocks, Board Member/Commissioner

Management Staff

Adam Massey, Executive Director
Tammie Mecham, Administrative Assistant
Gayle McKeachnie, Attorney
Robert L. Foley, Accountant

Key Stakeholder Groups

Engineers: Technical Assistance
Residents: Resource Support